Sunyoga / Sun Meditation

Basic Course Sunyoga (= sun meditation): July 19, 20, and 21, 2024
by Sunyogi Umasankar

Location: De Vlierhof Community and Holistic Retreat Center in Kleve, Germany. This is near Nijmegen, 1 kilometre  across the border of the Netherlands.

Language: English

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Sunyoga (= sun meditation)

Sunyoga is a method passed on by the timeless master Mahavatar Babaji to Sunyogi Umasankar. It is thousands of years old but had largely been forgotten. Sunyoga is not the same as the more well-known sungazing, where the practitioner looks directly into the sun during sunrise or sunset. However, sunyoga also involves meditation in the sun, initially in the morning. You don't look directly in the sun; instead, you look at it through your sixth chakra (third eye or agna chakra). The sunlight does not enter your pupil but illuminates the white part of your eye.

In this way your eyes and retina are protected, allowing you to eventually practice this meditation at other times, even in the middle of the day. It's not just about the technique; it's also about creating a deep heart connection with the sun and surrendering without expectations. Those who practice it in this way often undergo a spectacular growth, experiencing unity in a relatively short time and undergoing significant healing.

Sunyoga finally in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, probably very few people have heard of Sunyoga and Sunyogi Umasankar. Yet, since 1997, there have been more than three million Sunyoga students in over 70 countries. We have been practicing it ourselves for a few years. Therefore, we are thrilled that Sunyogi has accepted our invitation to also give a course in the Netherlands next summer. In August 2023 we met Sunyogi in Austria and were very impressed by his loving and powerful personality, enlightened mastery, and clear way of teaching.

About the Workshop

In the workshop, you will learn both the practice of Sunyoga and the theoretical backgrounds. There are meditations in the sun, additional meditations, and a series of physical exercises. The workshop is intensive, from early morning until the evening. What Sunyogi is offering is very inspiring and stimulating. If you want to participate, it is important that you follow the entire program and are always present on time. This may sound strict, but we have experienced the powerful effect this has on the whole process.

Sunyogi speaks English reasonably well. For those who understand English fairly well, he is usually easy to follow. If there are people who do not speak or understand English well, there will be partial translation by us into Dutch. If there are participants from Germany who don’t understand English well, we may be able to find another translator.

Sunyogi Umasankar

On an early morning in 1995, Sunyogi Umasankar went to the coast of Pondicherry, India, to meditate. At the beginning of his meditation, he was drawn to the reflection of the sun in the seawater and had an enlightenment experience. He was surprised that through the energy he received from the sun, he no longer needed food and water. This was the discovery of Sunyoga. In 2007 Sunyogi met Mahavatar Babaji for the first time. The method of Sunyoga was re-given to humanity through the grace of Mahavatar Babaji to make us stronger and find peace.

Sunyogi is a fully enlightened master from India and a living example of where Sunyoga can take you. He was guided by Babaji from a young age, but he became truly aware of this only after meeting Babaji twice during high-altitude walks in the Himalayas. During these encounters, Babaji revealed to him the theory and backgrounds of Sunyoga and how the universe is structured. Sunyogi has a mission to bring peace to the world, partly through Sunyoga. For this purpose, he walked barefoot for six and a half years throughout India, dressed only in a loincloth and without money. In recent years, he travels extensively around the world to spread his message of universal peace and Sunyoga.

More about Sunyoga

In Sunyoga, the sun is seen as a grand master. Connecting with the sun is a way to connect with cosmic consciousness or cosmic energy. The energy we can directly draw from the sun is of very high quality. This energy passes through the pineal gland and reaches the cerebellum, where it is metabolized and separated into five elements: space, fire, air, water, and earth. These energies then go to the cerebrum. From there, the energies are directed to every cell and organ in our bodies. This enables weak and damaged cells and organs that disrupt the balance of the five elements to be brought into balance. Essentially, everything can be healed through this process.

The sun meditation itself often brings about unique spiritual experiences. However, the essence of Sunyoga lies in creating a solid foundation to retain these experiences and build upon them. The courses place great emphasis on this aspect.

Babaji taught Sunyogi that besides the 7 more well-known chakras, there are 22 additional chakras: 11 above and 11 below you, linked to 11 energy fields. If you practice Sunyoga for an extended period, you will gradually pass through all these layers, progressing to higher levels of consciousness. These chakras and layers are extensively described in his book Essence of Sunyoga.

Practical Information

The course will likely take place at the Vlierhof center, near Nijmegen. There are 12 bedrooms with a total of 21 beds. If more participants come, there is also a campsite where you can stay in your own tent (lower cost) or in a luxury tent (at an additional cost).

The costs include a fixed amount for accommodation and meals, a fixed amount for Sunyogi's expenses, and a self-determined (reasonable) contribution for the workshop. Further details will follow.


You can sign up now or express your interest via a message. We will keep you informed of the progress. When everything is clear, we will ask for a deposit of €100 to reserve your spot.

More Detailed Information

On the (English) website of Sunyogi, you will find comprehensive information about Sunyogi and Sunyoga. You can also find a more precise description of the workshop content (basic course = level 1, 2, and 3) here.


  • Autobiography of Sunyogi(273 pages): In this book, Sunyogi describes his miraculous life journey, his walking pilgrimage through India, and his encounters with Babaji.
  • Essence of Sunyoga(431 pages): In this book, Sunyogi explains the theory and practice of Sunyoga, with numerous illustrations.

These books are currently difficult to obtain. However, you can order a PDF version through Axel Johansson.

The costs of a book in PDF-format are: €12 for Autobiography of Sunyogi, €15 for Essence of Sunyoga. This can be paid directly to Axel.


We are so enthusiastic about Sunyoga that in all these years, this is only the second time we are organizing a course for someone else instead of ourselves. Therefore, we mainly want to say: do not miss this unique opportunity!!