Connect with your guide

Next course sequel is on April 27 en 28. The main language of this version is English.

In this follow-up course you will deepen the connection with your guide or make contact with a (new) angel or master. We investigate the way in which your guide gives you the energy and you learn to tune in to the 'cadence' of this. Meditations from our own guides are alternated with self-practice / channeling. Usually you practice in pairs.

The program is not completely fixed because our guides and we also respond to the energy of the participants.

Possible topics for channeling are:

  • working with the inner child of the other person
  • channeling "in rows": several people come to you in quick succession to ask questions
  • deepening of healing skills
  • examining a (relationship) pattern of the other person
  • retrieve information from the Akasha records
  • give a general reading for someone else

The practice with several others, the focus of the guides and the group energy give a big new opening through which you can further deepen the contact with your guide and / or make contact with new guides, angels or masters.

The course will be held on 27 and 28 April in Moormerland, Northern Germany. The exact location is not yet known. The days are from 10 am to 5 pm

We ask for a voluntary contribution or donation for the course. The target amount is € 185, -. If you have more money, you can consider giving more, if you have less, you can give a little less. Eventually you decide for yourself what you can and want to give from your heart.