Connect with your guide

Next course sequal is on April 27 en 28. The main language of this version is English.

The connection with your guide or angel enriches your life beyond imagination.

In the course Connect with your Guide or Angel you learn to make this connection, to open to receive the messages of your guide clearly and to channel these messages verbally.

Channeling is not difficult. Almost everyone develops a clear connection with his or her guide within a few days. In fact this connection with your guide is already there. Sometimes however, it may seem as if you are making it up because your guide uses your thoughts to connect with you.

In the course we create an opening and meditative space with our guides which makes it possible to experience the energy of your guide more directly. In this powerful energy you learn to recognise and translate the messages of your guide. If you do this more often, you learn to distinguish your own thoughts from those of your guide.

This process is guided step by step by us and our guides: first you receive the messages from your guide internally in meditation, then you are going to channel out loud.

Important are surrender and trust. The more you let go of “effort” and “wanting” and the more you surrender to the loving guidance of your guide, the easier it will go. We will pay a lot of attention to this.

Furthermore, thoughts like “I cannot do it” and “I am not worth it” can block you. We will work on the healing of your inner child and on releasing these convictions.

During the course meditations of our own guides will be alternated with practising mostly in pairs.

There are many questions available on paper to use and choose from while practising. Of course you may also bring your own questions.

By practising a lot with channelling you more and more become a channel for the information and energy of your guide. Every time you channel, the flow increases and you become a “cleaner” channel. Also the messages you receive inwardly from your guide become clearer.

If you already channel, the course can be an excellent opportunity to practise a lot with different people and reach a much deeper connection with your guide or meet a new guide, angel or master.

Although the main focus of the course is the connection with your guide, maybe even more important is the spiritual opening that channelling creates. Your guide is a source of light and love, and by channelling you become such a source yourself.

The course is based on the course and the book "Opening to Channel" by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer and their guides Orin and DaBen.

The costs for this worshop are €185,-. You can purchase the cd's with all the meditations and inductions for €50.

For who
This course is especially suited for those who have some experience with meditation. If you are not familiar with meditation but feel drawn to this course, please connect with us.

The workshop will be held in Moormerland, North Germany. This is one hour drive from Groningen.
Address:Schulstraße 13, 26835 Neukamperfehn, Germany.

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