Part of chapter Love from Animals

Animals are here to help you.

Often, an animal — mostly animals that can be kept as pets — will incarnate to be with and help a specific person evolve. Unfortunately, that person is often unaware of this fact and may even abandon the animal. How sad! Many people do not see that animals are here to help. In fact, these people think that they are here to help animals. When you stroke your cat or dog, you may think you are giving love to your animal — and of course, you are. But, at the same time, your cat purrs and your dog wags its tail — and in these ways they are giving you a lot of love.

Realizing this can help you to open more to the love that your animal offers.

Froukje often lies in bed with her cat, Sweetie. When Froukje and Jeroen first met Sweetie in Mount Shasta, they experienced love at first sight so they took him home with them. Sweetie always lies against Froukje’s chest. As he lies there, Froukje can feel her heart opening. However, when Froukje has pain in her abdomen, Sweetie lies against her abdomen, transmitting powerful healing energies into her abdomen.

Different kinds of animals have different tasks. Cats, for example, work on a more etheric level, while dogs work in ways that are more concrete. Froukje and Jeroen have a dog called Tobi. He is an example of joy and love, which he gives to every human being he encounters — even those who are not conscious of wanting it. Sweetie, with his healing and loving energies, works on a more subtle level. Birds spread light and joy with their singing; horses bring a powerful kind of love and beauty to the earth plane.

Illustration by Mike Monaghan, Tekenteam Delft