Saint Germain's Message of Love

About the book

Saint Germain’s Message of Love is a ray of LIGHT! It is not a book to be read! It is a book to be savored.  It is designed to awaken the reader to the power of love within themselves.  This unique book is transformative as well as informative.  It takes the reader into the inner realms of the highest wisdom.
-  Donald Schnell/Prema Baba Swamiji. The Initiation.

Cover art by Mike Monaghan, Tekenteam Delft

This book is about love and how you can open your heart more. It was dictated by ascended master Saint Germain while Froukje and Jeroen were hiking on Mount Shasta, California. Mount Shasta is one of the greatest power spots on earth where, it is said, heaven and earth meet.

“Nothing is more important for the transformation of humanity, than the energy of love”, Saint Germain says. “You closed your heart to a greater or lesser degree as a result of painful experiences from the past. Now the time has come for you to be present to a fully open heart, to heal yourself with love and then radiate your love to others.”

The most important first step is to be open for the ever present love from, for example, beings of light, animals and nature. By filling yourself with love in this way you begin to love yourself more and become the source of love that you really are. Saint Germain is using many exercises and meditations that make it possible to experience the transformative power of love on a deep level. He is conscious of every reader and is holding the reader in his infinite, unconditional love and light.

By listening in this way to the meditations on CD you experience Saint Germain’s love in an even more direct way.

The words of Saint Germain came through Froukje while Jeroen was focusing the energies with ascended master Phylos.