ISRANA, Centre of Light, Power of Love

We are Froukje Buma and Jeroen Kuyper, both Clinical Psychologists, authors and experienced Healers and Channelers.
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ISRANA is since 1997 the name of our Centre of Light in Vledderveen, in the Northern part of the Netherlands.

Our aim is to help you develop your highest potential and awaken in your divine inner light. We offer courses and individual therapy to assist you with this process:

  • We work with Ascended Masters Phylos, Saint Germain and Kuthumi who started to speak to us while we were hiking on Mount Shasta in California in 1996. They gave us a wealth of information, exercises and meditations. Thus far, we channelled eight books by these masters during many visits to Mount Shasta . The first book by Jeroen, Earth Changes - Teachings by Phylos: Bringing the Divine into Your Earth Plane Life is published. The first book by Froukje: Saint Germains Message of Love is now ready for publishing. Together with the masters we created many classes and seminars. Among those is the beautiful seminar Earth Changes and the Power of Love.
  • In Dutch, we teach Awakening your Light Body courses and its sequels, based on the work of Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer. You can visit their website at to read more about their work and these courses. We are licensed by Sanaya and Duane to teach the Light Body teachers course.
  • Also in Dutch, we teach channelling courses in Holland and Portugal.
  • We offer individual sessions in hypnotherapy, regression therapy and healing.
  • On request we teach in English or in both languages Dutch and English. English speaking participants are always welcome at our seminars.