Earth Changes - Teachings by Phylos: Bringing the Divine into Your Earth Plane Life


Earth Changes, Teachings by Phylos: How to Bring the Divine into Your Daily Life, is the first of a series of seven books. The subsequent four are entitled Health and Ascension, Being in Oneness, Mystical Experiences and Transcending the Self. These next books have been written, but not yet edited or polished. The last two books are announced, but not yet written.

My wife, Froukje, and I channeled the books in the Mount Shasta area in California . We received the material from Ascended Master Phylos, who speaks through me, and to Froukje and me, simultaneously. We tape-recorded the books while we walked at Mount Shasta , as the material only comes through while we walk there.
Phylos is one of the Ascended Masters of the White Brotherhood who reside in a different non-physical dimension at Mount Shasta . Although these beings of light can, of course, be anywhere, their energy and information come through the most powerfully at Mount Shasta . Phylos is a very loving, wise, and powerful master with infinite patience. Other well-known Ascended Masters are also involved in our book-channeling project: Saint Germain holds energy through Froukje which supports me to channel Phylos; Master Kuthumi holds the overall energy.

In the meantime, ascended master Saint Germain has dictated a book through Froukje: Saint Germains Message of Love, with Jeroen holding the energy. This book will be our next book available on the market. It is meant to be the first of a series of books by Saint Germain.
The purpose of the seven-part series by Phylos is to help humanity make the shift to higher consciousness. Phylos explores concepts which are fundamental to understanding this shift, such as higher energies in relationship to the earth plane, the nature of consciousness, and time and space. Also, Phylos provides readers with many practical tools, exercises, and meditations to enhance their growth and expand their consciousness so they may create better, more loving, more joyful lives. In addition, Phylos and other Ascended Masters transform readers in a personal and direct way by transmitting energy -- by way of words and otherwise -- to each individual reader.

Earth Changes deals with the change in consciousness which humanity is undergoing at this time. The book offers information, as well as many exercises and meditations, which allow Phylos’ concepts to become real to the reader on an experiential level. Sometimes, Phylos illustrates what he means by using examples from our experiences of the day, or by dialoguing with Froukje. In this way, even the more challenging concepts come alive and can be easily understood.