We are most happy with the endorsement of widely acclaimed spiritual author Donald Schnell (The Initiation), which appears on the back cover of the book:

This book is simply marvelous. Earth Changes is the definitive guidebook that will prepare you to enter the higher vibrational frequency and experiences that you know you need. In this book, you will encounter the wise teacher, Phylos, who will guide you into a direct experience of the highest and most sacred realms of reality, if you are ready for this journey. You are ready aren’t you?"
— Donald Schnell, The Initiation

Some more comments by people who read the manuscript:

“Your book is WONDERFUL! The energy is great. I read a few pages everyday to get into the energy of it. I am reading slowly because I don’t want it to end, a great way to start the day.”
— Inger S., author, Canada

"These [enormous changes] were accelerated immediately upon receiving your manuscript Earth Changes. We feel deeply grateful that you shared this copy with us. Your book has assisted us with expanding our awareness and release more layers of judgement. This is a book we will read more than once.
— Craig W., engineer, California