Earth Changes is ascended master Phylos’s divine perspective on the true nature of reality and on the energy changes that are occurring on earth. The unique blend of information, exercises, and guided meditations in this volume open the path for Phylos’s transmissions of light and love to flow directly into your heart.
While Jeroen and Froukje were hiking on Mount Shasta in California , Jeroen was surprised to hear an inner voice speaking to him. During subsequent hikes, the voice of Phylos dictated the text of Earth Changes. Froukje, supported by ascended master Saint Germain, focused the energy for the channeling process.
The purpose of Phylos’s teachings is to help humanity make the shift to higher consciousness. Phylos explores concepts which are fundamental to understanding this shift: the nature of consciousness, time, and space. He discusses how humans perceive and adapt to higher energies.
Often, Phylos illustrates what he means by using examples from Jeroen’s and Froukje’s experiences of the day, or by dialoguing with Froukje. In this way, even the more challenging concepts come alive and can be easily understood.
Phylos provides readers with many practical tools, exercises, and meditations to enhance their growth and expand their consciousness so they may create more loving, more joyful lives.