About us

Israna is the Centre of Light of Jeroen Kuyper and Froukje Buma. They are partners in life and in their work together for Israna.

Froukje and Jeroen

Jeroen: I was born in 1955 in the Netherlands. I received a Masters Degree in Psychology at the University of Groningen. I work as a psychotherapist in an outreach department of a psychiatric clinic.

Froukje: I was born in 1959 in the Netherlands where I also obtained a Masters Degree in Psychology at the University of Groningen. I worked at the university for twelve years, teaching and coaching students, faculty, and family doctors.

Although both of us were successful in our jobs, we experienced crises in our personal lives and were looking for more meaning and growth. In 1993, we attended the Awakening Your Light Body Course, created by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer, and their guides Orin and DaBen. This course and its many sequels were deeply transformational for us and led us to discover our own channeling and healing capacities. It also brought us together as a couple.
We began to work as a team and formed a "Light Centre" named Israna with which to take our spiritual work out into the world. Since 1996, we have taught channeling, the Awakening your Light Body course, and its sequels. Since 1997, we have visited the United States twice a year to channel the Phylos books, and to participate in Light Body seminars in Oregon.

Froukje: In l996, I left my job at the university to open a practice in hypnotherapy, spiritual healing, and meditation. In my work, I channel the Ascended Master Saint Germain and the Goddess Isis. My channelings are directed to healing and to helping people on their spiritual path.

Jeroen: I have reduced my regular job to part time in order to devote more time to my spiritual work. I work with the Ascended Masters Phylos and Kuthumi in the courses we teach and in the books we publish.

Since 2002 our spiritual path took on a new direction: we discovered the work of Donald Schnell/ Prema Baba Swamiji through Donald Schnell's book: The Initiation. This book is about his miraculous initiation by world's highest immortal master: Sri Babaji, who is most well known through his meeting with Paramahansa Yogananda (Autobiography of a Yogi).  In April 2004 we were initiated by Prema Baba Swamiji as Swami's. This means that we too carry Babaji's light and spread his prema through our work. This new step has brought us the biggest transformation since the Awakening your Light Body in 1994.
Prema Baba Swamiji has been our spiritual teacher for ten years. We are most grateful for all the gifts this has brought in our personal lives, in our spiritual growth and in our work.